Month: September 2021

Are You Guilty of Loan Fraud?

By Lee Koch | September 14, 2021 | Comments Off on Are You Guilty of Loan Fraud?

Loans and credit are an every day part of American life. Most of us fill out loan applications and take out lines of credit without giving a lot of thought to the legal implications of doing so. Yet when you take out a loan you are engaging in a legal process, and there are certain…

Is Doxing a Crime?

By Lee Koch | September 2, 2021 | Comments Off on Is Doxing a Crime?

Doxing is a cybercrime that occurs when you take real world information about a person and circulate it online without permission. It doesn’t matter how you got the information: it’s doxing if the victim trusted you enough to give it to you, it’s doxing if you hacked their machine, and it’s doxing if you just…