Building a Defense for Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug charges are some of the most serious federal charges you might ever face. They’re also some of the most common convictions made by the federal government.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that a federal criminal defense attorney can help you build a defense against these charges.

Common Drug Charge Defenses

In a federal drug trafficking case we often find ourselves in a position where it’s best to challenge the evidence. For example, we already know that law enforcement misconduct plays a big role in many drug cases. 

These types of misconduct include witness tampering, interrogation misconduct, fabricating evidence, concealing exculpatory evidence, and misconduct at trial. If we can pick apart the validity of the evidence against you then we may be able to stop the case long before it gets to trial.

We might also challenge the constitutionality of the evidence. For example, if the evidence against you was obtained via illegal search and seizure then juries should not get to hear about it. 

There have also been cases where we have been able to show that the evidence against our client is insufficient to convict. For example, in the 2012 case United States v. Gaskins, the defense showed that there was no evidence linking Gaskins to any drugs, drug transactions, or conversation about drugs. He had purchased plane tickets for people who were involved in a drug conspiracy, but the prosecution never established that he had any idea that they were involved in any drug-related activity. 

Can drug trafficking charges be dropped?

Yes. At any time a drug trafficking charge can be dropped or dismissed, but your attorney will need to work closely with the prosecutor and provide grounds for the dropped charges.

There may also be other steps. For example, we may be able to work out an immunity agreement on your behalf if you have evidence that could lead to the conviction of much more dangerous offenders. Or we may be able to work out a deferred prosecution agreement that ensures you see no jail time if you take certain steps.

Consequences of Federal Drug Charges

The consequences of a federal drug charge can be extremely steep. They come with mandatory minimum sentences of at least 5 years in a federal prison. You may face massive fines and civil asset forfeiture which could result in the loss of your home, your bank account, your car, and your personal belongings. 

If you’re facing federal drug charges your only hope is to work with an experienced federal criminal lawyer. Reach out to Koch Law today to get started.

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