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Types of Immunity in a Federal Criminal Case

If you watch a lot of crime television you’ve probably heard more than one fictional arrestee say, “I want immunity” to investigators. When they do, the audience understands he’s not going to be prosecuted, and that he’ll probably enter the witness protection program. But there is more than one type of immunity, and not all…

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What You Should Know About the New NYC Revenge Porn Law

Think twice before you hit the “send” button on that racy picture you took of your ex last year. Sharing illicit photographs without the subject’s permission, a practice known as “revenge porn,” is now illegal in the State of New York. It’s a bill that took five years to pass. It died in the Republican-controlled…

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Can Your Search History Really Get You Arrested?

The short answer is yes. It’s happened before. Michele Catalano and her husband got visits from law enforcement over their Google searches.. Gilberto Valle got arrested for his (admittedly disturbing) search history.   And whatever you think of these individuals, what they chose to search, or the reaction of anyone involved, their cases prove it’s…

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3 Ways You Can Become a Cyber Criminal Without Meaning To

Ignorance of the law is no defense in any criminal case, and many people do things with their computers, in ignorance, that could get them in big trouble. Are you someone who could be in danger of being charged for cyber-crimes you never knew you were committing? Are you a pirate? Ever downloaded intellectual property…

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Taking the Stand: What to Expect If You Testify in Your Criminal Case

It isn’t always the best strategy for a defendant to take the stand during a criminal case. In fact, there are several situations in which a NY defense lawyer would strongly advise a client against testifying. For example, if the defendant seems uncertain or forgetful of the facts important to a criminal case, then testifying…

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What to Do When the Police Want to Search Your New York Home?

It is a unique and stressful experience to open your front door and find the police on the other side. For most clients at Koch Law, it is also an extremely rare occurrence that can immediately ignite fear, suspicion, and concern. Yet, as a New York criminal lawyer, a member of our legal team must…

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Should You Go To Trial for Federal Criminal Charges?

Early in your federal criminal case, you have a major decision to make: do you want to accept a plea bargain from the federal prosecutor or go to trial? In the United States, upwards of 90% of federal criminal charges are settled before trial, and it is likely that statistic is even higher when it…

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What Qualities Matter When Hiring a NY Lawyer for a Computer Crime?

Charges for a computer crime in NY are complex. The laws applicable to a potential crime are broad and widely applied to both the state and federal level. Simultaneously, the actions that amount to a computer crime are detailed and specific. As well, the due diligence and information gathering aspects of a computer crime case…

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What to Do When Your Business Is Accused of a Phishing Scam?

It’s tough for startups and new businesses to begin building their presence online and through direct marketing. To build brand recognition and interest in the company, you can make phone calls, invest in a social media presence, and send outreach emails. Often, these emails reach individuals and other businesses that are truly interested in your…

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