How Do You Know Your Cybercrime Lawyer Has Enough Experience?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified criminal lawyers in the State of New York. These private defense lawyers handle theft charges, DWI cases, and even allegations of sexual abuse on a regular basis. While defense to any criminal offense requires a substantial amount of training and knowledge, cybercrimes seem to be a category apart from other criminal charges.

When facing charges for computer fraud or cyber terrorism, you need a lawyer that isn’t going to trip over the basics of technology. Basically, cybercrimes demand extensive knowledge of technical capabilities, including software, programs, networks, and viruses. Which begs the question, how do you know a cybercrime lawyer is experienced enough for your case?

#1: Pay Attention to a Cybercrime Lawyer or Law Firm’s Website

It is easy to rely on Google search results and other resources to direct you to the perfect law firm, but when it comes to cybercrime you should do a little more investigation. Any lawyer that regularly handles cybercrimes will have extensive information and material available right there on the website. There will be a clear focus on these crimes and detailed information on the different cybercrimes handled by a particular attorney.

#2: Ask for Examples of Prior Cybercrime Cases

The best way to establish experience and capability is through the past cases and clients of a particular cybercrime lawyer. While a cybercrime lawyer may not be able to reveal the names of most clients or specifics of those cases, he or she can provide examples of their work. As well, most lawyers receive permission from past clients to discuss good outcomes. You can dig deeper into the details of these cases.

When looking at the past practice of a cybercrime lawyer, you not only want to look at the overall number of cases and results, but the type of cybercrime charged. You need a New York lawyer that has experience with the same technology or type of crime as you are accused.

#3: Look for Online and Independent Testimonials

Most law firms and cybercrime lawyers will have client testimonials on their website. These reviews can help you understand the scope of a lawyer’s practice and some of his or her capabilities, but you want to learn more from past clients. If you research independent testimonials, you will find both the positive and negative reviews. This will help you make an informed decision about a particular lawyer’s capabilities and relationship with clients.

#4: Ask the Right Questions in an Initial Consultation

A consultation is your first opportunity to ask in-depth and detailed questions of a cybercrime lawyer – so, you should ask the right ones. You want to clarify the New York lawyer’s past experience with computer crime law and ability to practice in federal court, when relevant. You also want to ask about litigation strategies and trial experience. Finally, you should ask a cybercrime lawyer specifics about the technology, hacking, and cyber activity impacting your case.

At Koch Law, our legal team provides an initial consultation at no cost to a potential client. We find that this first conversation is crucial for a cybercrime lawyer and a new client and feel it should take place without the pressure of legal fees and an engagement letter. This initial consultation is not only an opportunity for our firm to evaluate your case, but you to decide if Koch Law is a good fit for your personality, desired outcome, and circumstances.

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As one of the top cybercrime law firms in New York, Koch Law is capable, qualified, and prepared to take your case. Whether you are facing charges for a DDOS attack, phishing scam, cyber extortion, or online identity theft, we can help. To schedule your free initial consultation, simply contact our office at 844-562-4529.

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