In the News: Feds Continue to Crack down on Covid-19 Fraud

Covid-19 hasn’t been around very long, but it’s already become a criminal enterprise worth over $13.4 million

Most of the scams take place online. Perpetrators sell fake cures and counterfeit PPE, not just to individuals, but to agencies and hospitals as well. They run financial relief schemes and take advantage of remote work vulnerabilities to hack into employee systems.

Crime rates for violent crimes and misdemeanors are falling all over the world because everyone’s stuck inside. Meanwhile these financial crimes are on the rise. This means federal prosecutors will have more resources, and more incentive, to go after this type of crime. It takes thousands of hours of research with dozens of professionals to make a case, but right now they have the time and the people to get it done. 

They’ve already announced that crimes related to Covid-19 are priority 1 for them right now. 

Some of the falsified items for sale are even exceedingly dangerous. For example, one woman was arrested for passing pesticides off as cures online. And if you sell a faulty cure that kills someone then you could be up on murder charges as well. 

The takeaway here?

Be careful what you sell online, and be careful how you market those goods, especially if they’re related to Covid-19. Update your own personal IT security as well, because criminals often use unprotected wireless networks and computers to carry out illicit deeds, ensuring someone else will take the fall for their actions when the authorities finally catch up with an IP address. 

You should also be careful with what you claim over the phone if you are involved with any charity or relief program. Charity scams are on the rise, and you should make sure you can prove your charity acts legitimately and above-board at all times. 

If you collect money or personal data from any party you need to be very careful at the moment.

Most cybercrimes are federal offenses which carry hefty prison sentences and fines.

If you’ve been accused of cybercrime right now then you need help right away. You also need a specialist: a cybercrime lawyer who understands the ins and outs of these crimes and who can construct a solid defense capable of keeping you out of prison.

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