Embezzlement is an extremely serious theft offense in New York City. If charged – you need a New York City Embezzlement Lawyer.  Whether it is charged in state or federal court, a conviction for embezzlement can lead to payment of substantial fines and even serving time in jail or prison. Finding a New Y defense counsel for embezzlement charges is necessary.

At Koch Law, our team develops a strategic defense to embezzlement charges. As we carefully evaluate and select the cases we handle, you can be certain that your embezzlement case receives the time, attention, and robust defense you deserve.

Understanding Embezzlement Charges in New York City

The movies and novels portray embezzlement as theft of company funds by a corporate executive. Another common example is a trustee that siphons funds from a trust or estate. These examples are accurate, but embezzlement is a much broader crime. Similar to other white-collar crimes, such as:

  • Identity theft and fraud;
  • Computer fraud; and
  • Wire fraud

a New York City criminal lawyer has to be prepared to defend embezzlement charges under many different circumstances and fact patterns. At Koch Law, prior experience with embezzlement cases has prepared our legal team to handle embezzlement charges of all types and complexities.

Embezzlement is most common during a fiduciary relationship. A fiduciary relationship exists where one party places trust, confidence, and even finances in the hands of another person, who then has an obligation to act for the benefit of property’s rightful owner. As New York City defense counsel, Koch Law represents clients accused of abusing their fiduciary obligations as a corporate director, trustee, or agent.

Law on Crimes Involving Embezzlement in New York City

New York City Embezzlement Lawyer

New York City defense counsel for embezzlement must know and understand a broader range of criminal laws. While embezzlement is frequently considered a white-collar crime for purposes of classification and definition, in New York, it is charged as a theft offense. In fact, embezzlement is charged under the same criminal statutes as all other theft offenses in the state. New York Penal Law refers to these crimes as larceny.

There are six different larceny offenses in New York, and of these six, any can be used to charge an individual with embezzlement. The determination of which offense is appropriate is often made on the basis of the value of property stolen and the means for committing the theft. Koch Law handles criminal defense for all of the following larceny offenses:

Petit larceny – embezzlement of property valued under $1,000, it is a misdemeanor offense;
Grand larceny in the fourth degree – embezzlement of property valued over $1,000, it is a felony offense;
Grand larceny in the third degree – embezzlement of property valued over $3,000, it is a felony offense;
Grand larceny in the second degree – embezzlement of property valued over $50,000, it is a felony offense; and
Grand larceny in the first degree – embezzlement of property valued over $100,000, it is a felony offense.

Embezzlement is also a federal crime, and likely one of the most common white-collar crimes charged in federal court. Embezzlement is frequently investigated and charged by federal prosecutors in New York when the theft occurs across multiple states or international borders.

Defending New York City Embezzlement Charges

As a New York City embezzlement lawyer, Lee A. Koch has developed a strong reputation for defense to white-collar crimes across New York. This is a reputation built on good outcomes in embezzlement and similar cases. If you are charged with embezzlement in the state, you need a lawyer of this knowledge and prior experience to take your case.