Immigration court proceedings are not a new concept to New York, but they are an ever changing one given the shifting landscape of immigration matters and review. The team here at Koch Law is specially trained in handling any and all (family based?) immigration matters currently heard in front of the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) 

Understanding the Immigration Courts 

Immigration Courts, or the EOIR, are charged with administering the nation’s immigration proceedings for foreign-born individuals who have been charged by the Department of Homeland Security with violating immigration law. The immigration judges who will be hearing your case are responsible for determining whether you should be ordered removed from the United States or granted relief/ protection from removal. Matters heard by the court may include:  

  • adjustment of status, 
  • asylum, 
  • cancellation of removal,  
  • other remedies provided by immigration law  

Defense in front of the EOIR 

If you are potentially facing an order of removal for accusations of immigration law violations and are wondering if there are any forms of relief that are available to you or you are seeking asylum from persecution or otherwise from your home country, the team at Koch Law is specially trained to help defend you in front of the immigration courts on these matters.  

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