Governments and private companies are not only collecting a plethora of information but also analyzing and assessing it for a variety of purposes. As the use, significance, and amount of online data increases, so does the likelihood of mishandling or misuse of such information. The intentional abuse of information for the purpose of competitive advantage, government sabotage, or public manipulation is called information warfare. In New York, criminal and civil charges related to information warfare require the advice of a New York City information warfare lawyer. At Koch Law, our team of New York City Information Warfare Lawyer has successfully defended against the charges related to information warfare, including those involving cyber crimes, slander, and terrorism.

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Understanding Information Warfare Charges

The sheer quantity of personal information, security details, and financial data found on the internet creates a greater likelihood of information warfare, online attacks, and other computer crimes, such as cyber extortion or online white-collar crimes. However, information warfare in New York can take place on a multitude of mediums or sources.

Crimes that hijack or compromise a radio station, television network or computer server could all qualify as information warfare. As well, dispersal or criminal activity involving information from drones, webcams, or video feeds could also lead to NY criminal or civil charges for information warfare. In all instances, experienced NY defense counsel for information warfare at Koch Law can help you fight criminal charges and learn how to use online information for competition in a legal manner.

Law on Crimes Involving Information Warfare

Many of the NY laws used to fight cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, and other attacks against information systems are also utilized to criminalize information warfare. As well, statues involving internet defamation, slander, and other actions involving false information are often applicable to NY information warfare cases.

  • Unauthorized use of a computer – As one of the more broad computer crimes and computer fraud crimes in New York, unauthorized use of a computer is frequently used in instances of information warfare over a computer network, server, or program. The state statute criminalizes the unauthorized use of any computer, computer service, or computer network. The defendant must know the use was unauthorized for charges of unauthorized use of a computer to stand.
  • Computer trespass – Computer trespass is a more serious offense in New York than unauthorized use of a computer, and where possible a NY prosecutor will seek conviction on these charges for NY information warfare. A defendant commits computer trespass when he or she engages in unauthorized use of a computer to either commit a felony or knowingly gain access to computer information, for example to commit a DDOS attack or phishing scam.
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – The most important federal law against information warfare is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This statute makes it illegal to obtain national security information with the intent of harming the United States, obtain financial or credit information, or try to defraud the government or another individual through the unauthorized use of a computer.

NY prosecutors can employ these statutes, passed at both the state and federal level, to bring substantial charges against an individual trying to spread dishonest, false, or inaccurate information for a personal or competitive advantage. In return, NY defense counsel argues these statutes are inapplicable, as statements of propaganda and manipulation aren’t specifically or clearly illegal under any of these statutes.

Defending NY Information Warfare Charges

In New York, charges of information warfare can cross several different areas of law and types of practice. This complexity of the law and interrelated statutes means you want a New York City Information Warfare Lawyer with experience beyond property crimes and violent offenses. You need defense counsel from Koch Law that understands technology, data collection, data analysis, and data misuse.