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Internet Slander & Defamation Lawyer

Federal law and the laws in New York are very protective of free speech. Simply because your opinion is unpopular or your news hurtful, doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to put it online. Despite these protections, bloggers, reporters, activities, commenters, and reviewers are regularly hit with a lawsuit for internet slander and defamation in New York and you need to have a New York City Internet Defamation and Slander Lawyer to defend you.

The internet created a gigantic platform for individuals, businesses, and organizations to state their beliefs, share news, and create content. Similarly, social media has given anyone and everyone a bigger audience for personal and professional information. As a society, we have a lot to say, and all of it isn’t positive.

Defending an internet defamation case requires knowledge of New York’s laws preventing defamation, whether spoken or written, the criminalized computer crimes in New York, and federal law on freedom of speech.  To find this extensive level of expertise and experience, you need to hire a firm like Koch Law.

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Understanding Internet Slander and Defamation

Rarely is it illegal or unlawful to post your knowledge or insights online. However, in certain situations New York law prevents speech that is untruthful, insights violence, or is in further of a crime. Among these restricted actions is intentionally or negligently spreading false information or statements about another individual, when those statements are hurtful to the person’s reputation. This is called defamation and can lead to a civil lawsuit against you.

There are two types of defamation. Slander is when these untrue statements are written and libel encompasses verbal or oral untrue statements. While our New York City defamation lawyers at Koch Law generally defend against written comments, blog posts, and other forms of slander, the increased popularity in vlogs, video content, and podcasts has led to more internet libel cases each year.

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Law on Crimes Involving Internet Slander and Defamation

There are four requirements of an internet slander and defamation case. The online statement must:

  • Be false and untrue;
  • Be about the plaintiff in the lawsuit;
  • Be made to a third party, other than the speaker and plaintiff.
  • Result in injury to the plaintiff.

An NY internet slander and defamation lawyer, can build a defense that refutes any or all of these four elements of online defamation. For example, at Koch Law, we frequently argue that that statement was true or merely the opinion of the speaker and not presented as a fact. An experienced NY defense counsel can also argue the plaintiff wasn’t harmed or it was a statement of general reporting.

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Defending NY Internet Slander and Defamation Charges

It is important you fight charges of internet slander and defamation through quality representation by a internet slander and defamation lawyer. As a NY civil case, the plaintiff can ask for compensation of actual damages, payment of punitive damages for harm to reputation or emotional distress, and compensatory damages. Plus, you will have to remove content and statements made online that are deemed defamatory. All of these repercussions can hurt your personal brand or business.

To work with one of New York City’s top internet slander and defamation lawyers, contact the office of Koch Law.