What to Do If Your Home or Office Gets Raided By Federal Agents

By the time Federal Agents show up at your home or office, you know you’re in deep trouble—even if you haven’t been arrested yet. It can happen at anywhere and at any time. Imagine working at the corporate office of the Flying J, of all places, only to see the FBI come storming in to tear the place apart for evidence!

What you do during the course of this raid will have a major impact on the strength of your case. 

Here’s what you need to know about how to handle a raid.

Ask for a warrant.

You never have to consent to a search without a warrant, even if you have “nothing to hide.”

Note that it’s very rare for federal agents to show up without a warrant. The government takes its time with investigations and generally has no problem obtaining the evidence they need to obtain to get a valid search warrant. They don’t want to open their case up to challenges in court by moving too quickly.

When you see the warrant, pay close attention to what it gives the government the right to look at and look for. The warrant is supposed to clearly outline what the government may search and seize.

Don’t volunteer information.

One mistake people make during raids is they get flustered and they start talking. They volunteer for interviews or otherwise start trying to convince federal agents that everything is on the up-and-up. They think that if they can just explain everything will be fine.

Don’t do this. While the federal agents are at your house the only thing you should be saying is, “I respectfully decline to answer and assert my 5th amendment right to remain silent.” 

Lawyer up.

If you don’t already have a federal criminal defense attorney it’s time to acquire one. You might even want to call one while the agents are searching your home.

Do not attend any interviews or make any decisions until you have spoken to your lawyer. Your lawyer will generally accompany you to future interviews. In addition, your lawyer will reach out to the prosecutor to discover what’s going on with the case. Often, you won’t know, even when federal agents are helping themselves to everything in your home.

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