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State Criminal Defense

Experienced representation for those facing New York State criminal charges
such as Assault, Burglary, Drunk Driving, Gun/Firearm Possesion, Larceny, Robbery, Sex Crimes, and
many more.

Federal Criminal Defense

Highly specialized representation for those facing serious federal criminal
charges such as Conspiracy, Drug Offenses, Criminal Fraud, Cyber-Crime, Firearm Offenses, and a whole
host of others that we are specially trained and equipped to handle.

Immigration Law

Immigration expertise in filings and court including help for those seeking Asylum,
Citizenship, a Green Card, and those looking to obtain a family-based visa such as those for immediate
relatives, spouses, and other family preference relationships.

Our Reviews Speak
For Themselves

My wife and I came to Koch Law seeking help with applying for my wife's green card. We just received her green card and very pleased with the guidance and support Koch Law delivered and would confidently recommend their services for any immigration needs.Koch Law didn't just help us submit a full and complete application but stuck with us until we received the green card and was quick to respond to questions and concerns along the way.
Eric Wyluda
Eric Wyluda
12:30 12 Apr 23
Lee did a phenomenal job. His personal attention, willingness to listen, and take on the system toe to toe was nothing short of amazing. I couldn't be happier with his firm. 10/10 - highly recommend.
Grayson Cash
Grayson Cash
01:34 26 Mar 23
Lee Koch was extremely helpful with my situation. Was able to schedule an appointment the same day. He answered all my question and maintained very good communication through out the process. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who can serve their legal needs
20:42 09 Mar 23
I have nothing but good things to say about Lee Koch and associates. They were prompt and honest about everything. Although I was going through an ordeal, a very stressful time in my life the Koch firm made the process easy. I appreciate everything these amazing lawyers have done for me. I would recommend Koch law firm to anyone in need of excellent lawyers.
Muhidul Haque
Muhidul Haque
13:01 09 Mar 23
I have always been a bit nervous about dealing with attorneys. However, Lee and his team have been fantastic throughout my process. They are friendly, approachable, funny, and, more importantly, responsive to my emails/calls and work quickly. It is clear they know what there are talking about. I honestly feel as if they care about me. I would look forward to continuing working with Kock Law as my go-to legal experts.
Wilson Cano
Wilson Cano
19:44 07 Mar 23
I will always be very grateful for the help I received from Koch Law. In the three years since I started needing their services, they have always exceeded my expectations. Whenever I need them, they were always available to help with a fast response, and their level of professionalism was always top notch.It was great to work with Lee and Natalia. They will explain everything in detail, and they made the process a learning experience for me. If you need an attorney, these are your guys.To Lee and Natalia, Thank you!
Mikheil Tugulashvili
Mikheil Tugulashvili
23:25 09 Jan 23
I am extremely happy great law firm! Case resolved! Especially his assistant Natalia she was amazing she was always in contact making sure everything was running smoothly!I recommend!
jomi rodriguez
jomi rodriguez
04:43 15 Dec 22
Was extremely pleased with Patrick Marshall at Koch Law. Was able to handle my case as quickly as possible with an amazing outcome. Went above and beyond doing more work than was required. I had the support of the whole team working to settle my case.
Bob Ramsbottom
Bob Ramsbottom
15:52 29 Nov 22
The Koch team is fantastic. From the first call to set up the informational call, we were impressed with Natalia (Chief Paralegal) to the last email with the resolution of our issue. Having Patrick as our attorney was worth the money we invested in the retainer.
Tina Gonzalez
Tina Gonzalez
21:36 26 Aug 22
From the first consultation to the last phone call, Lee Koch and his team Natalia Rincon and Patrick Marshall have been outstanding. My husband and I had been searching for the right attorney to represent us in getting a green card for well over a year. No one seemed to have the energy and the specific answers we needed to feel comfortable moving on with a decision. The first consultation with Lee Koch was basically a “where has this guy been the whole time” kind of moment. Lee Koch, through it all was professional, punctual, exciting to work with, and knowledgeable beyond anyone we had consulted with previously. My husband and I are very happy and impressed with how everything was executed within a time that felt short, easy, and safe.
Christina P
Christina P
18:45 18 May 22

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About Koch Law, PLLC

Being accused of a crime can be a frightening experience. When your freedom and peace-of-mind are on the line, there is no substitute for a dedicated, successful, honest and affordable lawyer.

Koch Law, PLLC understands that being accused of a crime or an immigration issue can impact your future and the future of your loved ones. Criminal charges or immigration issues can result in a criminal record upon conviction or removal from the United States, both of which have significant consequences on career and growth opportunities for you and your loved ones. To protect your future, our priority is to get your case criminal dismissed or lawful immigration status.

At Koch Law, we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box to earn the best results for our clients. Our approach enables us to strategize and handle each case with a strong and customized defense.

For your convenience, we have offices in Manhattan, on Long Island, and in Westchester. We are available 24/7 at the Toll-Free number 1-844-562-4529. Don’t wait any longer; give us a call today!

Koch Law, PLLC is dedicated to helping you defend your rights and guiding you through legal process.

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