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What is Deferred Prosecution?

Deferred prosecution can be one of the better case outcomes either at the federal or state level, depending on what you’ve been accused of, how much evidence the prosecution has, and what your alternatives are. Under a deferred prosecution agreement, the prosecutor agrees not to pursue a conviction if you will agree to certain conditions.…
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How to Protect Yourself from Criminal Charges When You’re a Victim of Identity Theft

Adding insult to injury doesn’t even begin to cover it. Victims of identity theft already have so much to deal with: restoring their credit, putting out fraud alerts, getting documents reissued. But identity theft brings another risk, one that’s not always talked about. The risk that you’ll be arrested for a crime you didn’t commit…
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Small Acts, Big Trouble: The Meaning of a Federal Conspiracy Charge

You gave your buddy a little money and now you are under arrest. Or you worked for a company and the CEO got into big trouble…and now you’re in big trouble too. What’s happening here? What’s happening is you’re being accused of criminal conspiracy, and depending on what the other person did you could be…
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Types of Immunity in a Federal Criminal Case

If you watch a lot of crime television you’ve probably heard more than one fictional arrestee say, “I want immunity” to investigators. When they do, the audience understands he’s not going to be prosecuted, and that he’ll probably enter the witness protection program. But there is more than one type of immunity, and not all…
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Under Investigation

Unless you receive a target letter, it’s hard to know if you’re the subject of a federal investigation. There are some subtle signs. Certainly if you’ve done something wrong you should seriously consider you may be under investigation if you start seeing any of them. Any time you begin to suspect you are under investigation…
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4 Possible Defenses for Wire Fraud

Accused of wire fraud? The government thinks you’ve used a cell phone or a computer to intentionally scam someone out of their money, and that your activity has crossed state lines. Wire fraud is a federal crime. It’s an extension of the older mail fraud charge. Take the charges seriously, but don’t panic. There are…
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