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What Actions Result in Criminal Charges for Information Warfare?

Cybercrime is on the rise in the United States. The State of New York is not immune to the increase in cybercrime accusations and prosecutions. Each year there are more charges for computer fraud, identity theft, and phishing schemes in New York than the year before. Not only is the number of prosecutions for cybercrimes…
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5 Times Your Business Could Be Committing Computer Fraud in NY

Cyber crimes, such as computer fraud, have quickly become one of the most prolific and common types of crime in the State of New York. In particular, reports of computer fraud have increased significantly in the past five years. This jump in the overall number of computer fraud crimes committed in the past five years…
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When Does Your Online Activity Become Defamation in New York?

The Internet was built for the proliferation of information and exchange of ideas. What probably wasn’t anticipated at the inception of Wi-Fi and home computer networks was the emphasis on opinions, comments, and social interaction that we now experience online. Today, the Internet is used in large part for individuals and companies to share thoughts…
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What to Do When Your Business Is Accused of a Phishing Scam?

It’s tough for startups and new businesses to begin building their presence online and through direct marketing. To build brand recognition and interest in the company, you can make phone calls, invest in a social media presence, and send outreach emails. Often, these emails reach individuals and other businesses that are truly interested in your…
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A NY Criminal Lawyer Explains: What Is Cyber Terrorism?

There are massive benefits to our plugged-in, cyber-obsessed world. We are able to create physical items on a 3D printer, access our bank accounts from anywhere in the world, see family and friends through video calls, and share information with the click of a button. As programmers and other computer scientists continue to push the…
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4 Types of Fraud That Require the Help of a NY Computer Fraud Lawyer

In NY, cyber crimes, such as computer fraud or cyber extortion, all fall under a handful of criminal statutes in the NY Penal Law. This limited number of criminal offenses, which include unauthorized use of a computer, computer trespass, and computer tampering, actually cover an extensive number of criminal actions. These statutes cover nearly every…
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