Charges for white collar offenses in NY can vary in terms of severity and possible punishment, but all white collar crimes should be taken seriously. If you are charged with one of these offenses, whether computer fraud or tax crimes, the repercussions include a sentence in federal prison, payment of substantial fines, and assessment of other fees.

As one of the premier NY defense counsel firms in NY, Koch Law dedicates substantial time to the defense of white collar crimes. A white collar crimes lawyer in our office would have the experience and skill to handle any of the myriads of offenses that fall under this broad set of financial-based crimes.

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Understanding White-Collar Crimes in NY

In the U.S., we frequently associate white collar crime with a specific type of businessperson or status, but the original and applicable definition of these crimes is broader. White collar crime is any nonviolent offense that is committed for the purpose of financial windfall or reward. Anyone can be charged with a white collar crime, regardless of background or socioeconomic class.

The criminal activity that is considered white collar crime is constantly changing, as technology and other advancements continue to impact criminal capabilities. As well, technology and communication tools are dragging more individuals and businesses into investigations of cyber warfare, cyber extortion, cyber terrorism, and computer fraud – which could all qualify as a white-collar crime in many instances.

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NY Laws on White-Collar Crimes

An NY white collar crime lawyer must be prepared to defend a wide range of offenses. Most of these offenses fall under federal law, but not all. NY law also criminalizes several actions involving financial gains, such as embezzlement, bribery, and cybercrimes.

NY defense counsel for white collar crimes takes cases involving:

  • Computer fraud: any use of a computer, computer network, or computer program to take, duplicate, modify, or destroy data or information for the purpose of economic gain to the actor or harm to the victim.
  • Cyber extortion: use of a computer, computer network, or computer program to threaten or demand money or other property of value.
  • DDOS attacks: DDOS stands for distributed denial-of-service, and is the use of rerouting a high volume of traffic to a particular website or server for the purpose of overwhelming that system and creating havoc. Once in place, a DDOS attack can be used to abstract information, data, or directly access systems, and eventually reap a financial gain from the victim.
  • Embezzlement: involve the theft of money or other property of value, while that property is in the control or trust of the actor.
  • Identity theft and fraud: is the theft and use of personal data to commit a crime or obtain a financial windfall that is based on assuming someone else’s identity.
  • Information warfare: involves the use of technology, in particular, communication technology such as wires and phone lines, to create an unfair and undeserved competitive advantage over a competitor or other individual.
  • Tax crimes: fraud and evasion of federal taxes is one of the most common white collar crimes and heavily punished by the U.S. government.
  • Wire fraud: the use of IT and telecommunication lines, such as phones, radio, and the internet. Technology is quickly changing the scope of wire fraud and expanding the need for experienced wire fraud defense lawyers.

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Defense to White-Collar Crimes in NY

If you are facing the charge for white-collar crime in NY, you should seek the legal counsel and assistance of an NY white collar crimes lawyer. Legal counsel a collect evidence for your case and develop a strong defense strategy, but of equal importance, an NY lawyer will ensure you understand the charges against you and complete all requirements under the state or federal criminal justice process.

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