Have you been charged with Federal Conspiracy in New York City? If so – You need to consider hiring a New York City Federal Conspiracy Lawyer.

New York City Federal Conspiracy Lawyer Conspiracy is an extremely broad federal charge in New York City that can encompass many actions or conduct. It is also a unique crime. It is distinct from other federal crimes, such as cyber terrorism, embezzlement, identity theft, and wire fraud. This distinction is that to commit conspiracy, you don’t need to cause actual harm against a victim or the government – you must only take steps to cause such harm or injury.

Koch Law is a New York City law firm handling criminal defense in both federal and state cases and also representing individuals with immigration questions or concerns. An important part of our firm’s practice is dedicated exclusively to the defense of federal conspiracy charges – ensuring your case receives the experience and strategic approach necessary for an acquittal.

Understanding Federal Conspiracy Charges in New York City

A New York City federal prosecutor must prove three specific elements for a federal conspiracy conviction, an experienced New York City defense counsel, like Koch Law, forms an argument against each of these elements. A prosecutor must show beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  • There was an agreement to do something illegal;
  • The defendant willingly and voluntarily joined this agreement; and
  • At least one overt act was taken in furtherance of the conspiracy.

Federal conspiracy charges are extremely confusing and often complex. Even after you are arrested and arraigned on federal conspiracy charges, it can be difficult to know the exact severity of the charges or what the prosecutor needs to prove in court. This is where New York City defense counsel for federal conspiracy steps in. A New York criminal lawyer can explain how these charges are applicable to your specific case.

Law on Crimes Involving Federal Conspiracy

The United States has a broad and overarching federal conspiracy statute. Found in the U.S. Code at 18 U.S.C. Section 371, the statute makes it a federal criminal offense for two or more people to conspire to commit a crime against or defraud the United States government. However, just as white-collar crimes and computer crimes can be charged under multiple statues, so can federal conspiracy.

A New York City federal conspiracy lawyer must also be able to handle cases involving federal conspiracy under other federal laws. At Koch Law, we handle federal conspiracy charges for:

  • Conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, or possess controlled substances;
  • Conspiracy to commit a robbery of an article of interstate commerce;
  • Conspiracy to corrupt public morals;
  • Conspiracy to outrage public decency;
  • Conspiracy to trespass and unlawfully assemble;
  • Conspiracy to effect a public mischief; and
  • Conspiracy to commit other crimes or illegal actions.

Defending New York City Federal Conspiracy Charges

A New York City defense counsel providing representation for federal conspiracy charges, must also know and understand federal statutes criminalizing the underlying crime or fraud and the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. This requires the broad range of legal knowledge, plethora of experience, and assurance your case will receive adequate attention that is found at Koch Law.