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What Qualities Matter When Hiring a NY Lawyer for a Computer Crime?

Charges for a computer crime in NY are complex. The laws applicable to a potential crime are broad and widely applied to both the state and federal level. Simultaneously, the actions that amount to a computer crime are detailed and specific. As well, the due diligence and information gathering aspects of a computer crime case are multifaceted.

If you are facing charges for a computer crime in NY, you need an NY lawyer that can expertly handle the case. Some of the qualities you should look for during an initial consultation or early conversations with an NY lawyer are:

#1: Find a Law Firm that Prioritizes Computer Crime Cases

A full-service criminal defense firm, such as Koch Law, handles all types of criminal charges. Whether you are charged with a minor misdemeanor or serious felony offense, Koch Law can take your case and provide knowledgeable and skillful defense. Our range of experience extends from theft charges to cybercrimes. However, we’ve dedicated a substantial part of our practice to computer crimes in NY.

This dedication to computer crime is crucial for our clients. We have acquired extensive knowledge of the federal and NY laws that impact a computer crime case and regularly review the case law that may impact the outcome of your case.

#2: Look for an NY Lawyer with Experience Defending Your Crime

There isn’t just one type of computer crime in NY. In fact, as technology advances and systems become more sophisticated, the range of computer crimes is expanding quickly. There are charges for phishing scams, cyber terrorism, information warfare, and online identity theft. Some of these crimes aren’t perfectly defined or delineated by state and federal laws. Understanding the specifics of each crime, and the applicable law is necessary for a good defense.

Given the pace of computer crime and the depth of knowledge required for your defense, you need an NY lawyer that has previously defended the charges you are now facing. You can determine a cybercrime lawyer’s level of experience during an initial consultation. At Koch Law, this consultation is free.

#3: Keeping Up with Current Technologies

As discussed, the rate of development in technology is astounding. Current technology is branching out into the blockchain, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. Simultaneously with these developments, more traditional technologies, programs, and software are becoming more complicated and capable. Your NY lawyer better keep up with these changes.

Many people facing charges for a computer crime in NY are well versed in technology and the current changes in technology. Use this knowledge to question a criminal defense lawyer about their familiarity and knowledge. If an NY lawyer can’t explain the underlying technology involved in the accusations against you, that same lawyer is unlikely to represent you fully in court.

#4: Well-Rounded Knowledge of NY’s Computer Crime Laws

There are two sets of laws applicable to computer crime charges in NY. An offense can either fall under federal or state law. Certain aspects of these statutes are similar, but there are differences. Plus, the procedural differences between state and federal court could impact the outcome of your case. When hiring an NY lawyer, you need someone experienced with the set of statutes applicable to your case.

In particular, if you are charged under NY state law, look for a lawyer that has experience with NY computer crime laws. Why is familiarity with these statutes and case law important? There are a handful of different computer crimes in NY. These statutes cover all aspects of computer crime, from cyber extortion to online embezzlement. The question becomes how are these laws applied to differing actions – and it is the job of your NY law to develop arguments that the law isn’t applicable or accurately applied to your case.

#5: The NY Lawyer Is Trustworthy

Charges for a computer crime require prosecutors and defense counsel to uncover a lot of information and documentation. You want the prosecutor to work as hard as possible for any evidence or potential breadcrumbs online, but you need to be forthright and transparent with your NY lawyer. That requires a lot of trust.

Online reviews and testimonials are a great way to develop trust with a lawyer before you reach out. However, the best evidence of this quality is through personal conversations and experience with a particular NY lawyer. At Koch Law, we encourage every new client to sit down with a lawyer from our team in a free, confidential consultation. Without making any commitment to hire our firm, you can talk to us about your case – and it is entirely confidential. To schedule this consultation with our NY office, call (844) 562-4529.

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