Crimes of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape are viewed as some of the most serious and grave offenses in New York City. This view of sex crimes isn’t just held by the general public but backed by the severity of punishment that is imposed on these New York crimes. If you are accused of a sex crime in New York City, now is the time to seek legal representation from a local, New York City sex crimes lawyer at Koch Law.

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New York City Sex Crimes Attorney

As with other criminal offenses in the state, including petit larceny, DUI, and drug charges, New York City police enforce the State of New York’s laws on sex crimes and sexually based offenses. These New York laws on sex crimes or sexual offenses criminalize a broad range of illegal activities. To most people, it comes as a surprise that the statutes in the same article of the New York Penal Code cover offenses ranging from rape and sexual abuse to female genital mutilation.

What all sex crimes have in common is an emphasis on the severity of the crime and severe punishment for conviction. Most sex crimes are felony offenses that carry a potential prison sentence of more than one, five, seven, or even 25 years in a New York State prison.

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New York City Sex Crimes Lawyer

In New York City, the set of statutes that cover sex crimes are broadly referred to as sexual offenses. In all, there are in total 27 different statutes covering sexual offenses in New York. This is a higher number of statutes and offenses than covering robbery, information warfare, or computer fraud. The specific offenses that fall under these statutes cover all types and severity of sex crimes, including:

  • Sexual misconduct is engaging in sexual intercourse without the person’s consent.
  • Rape can be charged in the first, second, or third degree. The appropriate rape charge is determined by the actions of the alleged rapist and the identity of the victim:
  1. Rape in the third degree is having sexual intercourse with any person unable to consent because the victim is under the age of 17 or unable to consent for reasons of incapacity.
  2. Rape in the second degree is having sexual intercourse with any person unable to consent because the victim is under the age of 15 or incapable of giving consent due to a mental or physical disability.
  3. Rape in the first degree is having sexual intercourse with any person by forcible compulsion or when the victim is unable to consent because the victim is under the age of 11, the victim is under the age of 13 and the defendant over the age of 18 or is physically helpless.
  • A criminal sexual act is engaging in oral or anal sex with a victim who is unable to give consent, for reasons of age, mental disability, or physical helplessness or is compelled to perform such sexual activity by forcible compulsion.
  • Forcible touching is the act of intentionally or forcibly touching the genitals of another person without consent and for the purpose of degrading the victim or the sexual gratification of the defendant.
  • Sexual abuse is sexual contact made without the consent of the victim. It is a more serious sex crime when sexual abuse is persistent or aggravated.
  • The course of sexual conduct against a child is engaging in two or more acts of sexual contact with a victim under the age of consent in a period of three months or less.
  • Facilitating a sexual offense with a controlled substance is when a defendant knowingly and unlawfully possesses a controlled substance with the intent to use such substance to commit a sexual offense found under the New York statutes.

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Defense to Sex Crimes in New York City

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