If you have been charged with Cyber Extortion in NYC – you need the help of a New York City Cyber Extortion Lawyer.

New York City Cyber Extortion LawyerAs our world becomes more interconnected by the Internet, social media, and mobile apps, the potential for cyber extortion and other bad actors increases. New York has already experienced a steep rise in the number of cyber extortion cases reported each year, in particular against healthcare companies and other entities.

The rise in the number of cyber crimes leads to tougher laws regarding cyber extortion, cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, and similar unlawful actions carried out online. In turn, defendants charged with these crimes need a better, tougher NY defense counsel to take on their cases. Koch Law is not only an established criminal law firm in New York City, but also one of the top firms for defense to cyber extortion in the state. Learn why Koch Law is the premier New York City Cyber Extortion Lawyer.

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Understanding Cyber Extortion in New York City

The only difference between cyber extortion and extortion more generally is the use of the Internet or other networks to deliver the threat against the victim. Cyberextortion is the use of a computer, computer program, network, or the Internet to threaten another person with harm or an attack that can only be stopped by complying with a demand for money, engaging or refraining from specific behavior, or delivering certain goods.

In New York, extortion, no matter how it is carried out or effectuated, is called coercion. Typically, New York City Cyber Extortion Lawyer, like Koch Law, also takes cases involving other forms of coercion.

All forms of coercion are considered white-collar crimes in New York. This means it is a crime motived by improper financial gain and non-violent actions, similar to:

  • Embezzlement,
  • Identity theft and fraud,
  • Phishing Scams,
  • Tax Crimes, and
  • Wire Fraud.

Law on Crimes Involving Cyber Extortion

There isn’t a law in the New York Penal Laws that singularly address cyber extortion – instead, an NY prosecutor can charge defendants with the crime of coercion. While having a different name, coercion is substantially similar to crimes of extortion in other states. An NY lawyer may even use the terms interchangeably when talking with clients about charges for cyber extortion.

Under NY law there are two degrees of coercion. Coercion in the second degree is the less serious crime, and coercion in the first degree is far more egregious. The potential punishment for coercion in the first degree is similarly more serious and substantial

A New York City criminal lawyer can provide a robust defense to all charges of cyber extortion, including:

  • Coercion in the Second Degree – causing another person to act or refrain from acting by making him or her fear that not complying with the demand will result in the physical injury to a person, property damage, commission of a crime, accusations of a crime, exposition or publication of a secret, a strike, giving or withholding testimony with respect to another person’s legal claim or action, abuse of a public position, or any other action that provides a benefit to the defendant and calculated harm to the victim.
  • Coercion in the First Degree – engaging in extortion by any means defined as coercion in the second degree above and either did so by convincing the victim refraining or engaging in action will cause physical injury to another person or property damage or compelling the victim to commit a felony, attempt or cause injury to another person, or violate the victim’s duty as a public servant.

Defending New York City Cyber Extortion Laws

An NY cyber extortion lawyer can take cases involving charges of coercion in either the first or second degree. However, if you are facing cyber extortion charges that amount to coercion in the first degree, you want NY cyber extortion lawyer experienced in handling charges of this severity and increased complexity, such as the lawyers at Koch Law.

No matter what cyber extortion charges you are facing in New York, the knowledgeable New York City defense counsel at Koch Law can help.