How can a New York City Cyber Warfare Lawyer help you with the defense process? You would be shocked to see the difference of effective legal counsel with such serious charges.

Worldwide there’s been a noticeable rise in the number of attacks and incidents of cyber warfare. New York isn’t immune to these actions by cybercriminals. The parallel rise in complex networks and cyber crimes has made detecting and prosecuting cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, and similar computer crimes a priority for law enforcement and the NY attorney general.

If you are investigated or charged with cyber warfare, your defense requires the expertise of New York City defense counsel with extensive technical knowledge and prior experience defending computer crimes. Over the years, Koch Law has helped individuals fight all types and complexities of New York Cit computer crimes, including cyber warfare.

Understanding Cyber Warfare in New York City

Cyber warfare is a specific type of computer crime. Whereas computer fraud, online identity theft, and even DDOS attacks can be perpetrated for many different purposes or results, cyber warfare is specific to political motivations. This added complexity and the frequent presence of international actors requires the knowledge of an experienced New York City cyber warfare lawyer.

As well, cyber warfare is a crime committed against the computer, network or other technological infrastructure of a nation. While individuals are at risk as bystanders or collateral damage to cyber warfare, a country is an intended target. The specific direction of cyber warfare makes this a more serious crime, often with more substantial ramifications. As a New York City Cyber Warfare Lawyer, our team at Koch Law defends individuals charged under state and federal law for cyber warfare involving:

  • Cyber espionage or spying by a non-governmental actor,

  • Sabotage of a country’s computers, networks, or other infrastructure;

  • Delivery of malicious software into a computer network or system;

  • Deployment of cyber weapons to derail a government program or process;

  • Denial-of-service attacks;

  • Attack on transportation, banking, power grids, water supplies or other infrastructure,

  • Dispersal of propaganda over a computer network or server; and

  • Hacking and theft of sensitive or classified data from governments and agencies.

Law on Crimes Involving Cyber Warfare in New York City

The New York legislature has yet to pass a law criminalizing cyber warfare as a separate offense. However, the current scope of New York City cyber offenses is broad enough to encapsulate most actions amounting to cyber warfare. These are the same New York laws used to prosecute:

  • DDOS Attacks
  • Information Warfare
  • Cyber extortion, and
  • Phishing scams.

New York City Cyber Terrorism LawyerMost charges for cyber warfare in New York fall under federal law. Mid last year the New York division of the FBI announced a renewed focus on cyber crimes and detection of cybercriminals operating in the state. Those investigated by the FBI task force or other federal agency are charged under a federal statute. A New York City defense counsel can take these cases, and as a New York City Cyber Warfare Lawyer, Koch Law may also take cyberwarfare cases that are charged under federal law.

There are more than 50 federal statutes that focus on cybersecurity and cyber crimes. Several of these statutes can be used to charge an actor with cyber warfare in New York City including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which can be used to charge individuals with:

  • Obtaining National Security Information
  • Accessing a Computer and Obtaining Information
  • Trespassing in a Government Computer
  • Accessing a Computer to Defraud & Obtain Value
  • Intentionally Damaging by Knowing Transmission
  • Recklessly Damaging by Intentional Access
  • Negligently Causing Damage & Loss by Intentional Access
  • Trafficking in Passwords
  • Extortion Involving Computers.

Defending New York City Cyber Warfare Charges

The severity and possible repercussions of charges for computer crimes, in particular when against a government or nation, require you have a tough and strategic defense. Defense of the best quality will come from New York City defense counsel experienced in cyber warfare and other complicated cyber crimes.

Our team at Koch Law is committed to a robust defense to cyber warfare charges. As a top New York City defense counsel in Long Island and Manhattan, we have the experience and in-depth knowledge to handle any cyber warfare case, including yours.