The federal wire fraud statute is used to prosecute a broad range of business, computer, and white collar crimes throughout the U.S. By best estimates, the amount of wire fraud committed in the U.S. each year is upwards of $30 billion, and steadily increasing. As the amount of fraud continues to rise, the intensity of investigations and prosecutions in NY similarly increase. More people in the state are accused of these specific fraud charges and in need of New York City Wire Fraud Lawyer for wire fraud.

The NY federal district courts are tough on wire fraud and other white collar crimes, such as embezzlement, tax crimes, and intellectual property crimes. Only a knowledgeable and highly strategic NY wire fraud defense lawyer can truly match the intensity of the federal and state prosecutors in these cases – at Koch Law, are team of NY defense counsel have worked in Long Island and New York City for years to accumulate the necessary experience.

Plus, our focus on white collar crime and fraud offenses makes us a top choice for your wire fraud case.

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Understanding Wire Fraud in NY

Wire fraud encompasses any type of fraud or fraudulent scheme that uses electronic communication or devices to perpetuate or further the fraud. This broad definition of wire fraud has only expanded with the invention of advanced communication systems, artificial intelligence, and complex computer networks. Today, wire fraud includes undertaking any of the following for the purpose of defrauding the government or another entity:

  • Using fraudulent statements to collect personal data, passwords, or usernames;
  • Hacking email accounts, social media accounts, online bank systems, credit card companies, or other online account with personal data;
  • Installing malware or other harmful software to obtain personal data;
  • Implementing a phishing scheme; or
  • Creating a fraudulent text message that requests personal data or skims a device for information.

NY defense counsel for wire fraud has also needed to expand his or her repertoire of information and past experience. It’s crucial for your defense that you hire a lawyer, such as a NY wire fraud lawyer at Koch Law, with specific knowledge of the technology and devices involved in criminal charges.

NY Law on Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is unlawful under Section 1343 of the U.S. Code. This federal statute specifically makes it an offense to use any electronic device or communication system to defraud the federal government or any agency of the federal government. In today’s world of the internet and computers, the majority of fraudulent schemes rely on some type of electronic devices. Wire fraud may use any of these electronic devices to carry out the fraudulent activity:

  • Wire
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Computer servers
  • Networks and software
  • Computer systems, and
  • Any other device used to transmit.

Under federal law, the transmission of communication or information by these electronic devices must occur across state lines or internationally. If the wire fraud only takes place within NY, an NY defense counsel will argue that the crime must be charged under state law.

In New York, the crime of wire fraud is rarely the sole offense against a defendant. Wire fraud is most commonly utilized to carry out a separate fraudulent act or crime, such as bank fraud, healthcare fraud, securities fraud, tax crimes, or information warfare. At Koch Law, our team of outstanding NY wire fraud defense lawyers, simultaneously and seamlessly handle defense to these separate, federal charges.

In the New York Penal Law, wire fraud isn’t charged as a separate offense. Rather, the NY state law levies offenses involving fraudulent communication and use of electronic devices as:

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Defense in NY to Wire Fraud

If you face charges for federal wire fraud or other fraudulent offense through use of an electronic device or communication transmission, you need and deserve a reliable and strategic defense.

At Koch Law, we built an NY defense practice focused on defense to fraud, white collar, and immigration offenses. In this capacity, we’ve developed a strong reputation as state and federal wire fraud lawyers, and our team is ready to take your case. Schedule a Free Consultation with Koch Law